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XRay T3 2011

This is my first member's ride resource for my XRay T3 2011 touring car.

  1. John
    With this resource I intend to keep my XRay T3 2011 details documented such as build and setup details. I will also use this area to keep track of changes I make and their results kind of like a log.

    My XRay T3 is intended to be setup for both touring car style on-road racing and should also be able to do drifting with a tire and wheel change and minimum, if any, setup changes.

    Here are a few photos of the current setup as of September, 2013:


    1. xray-t3-2011-chassis-with-body-mounted-front.JPG
    2. xray-t3-2011-chassis-with-body-mounted-rear.JPG
    3. xray-t3-2011-chassis-with-electronics-front.JPG
    4. xray-t3-2011-chassis-with-electronics-rear.JPG
    5. xray-t3-2011-chassis.JPG
    6. xray-t3-2011-drift-tire-and-wheel.JPG