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XRay T3 2011

This is my first member's ride resource for my XRay T3 2011 touring car.

  1. Update - 9-18-2013 - Changed Body Mounts

    I moved the body mounts a little lower with the touring car wheels and tires to improve high speed straight line handling.


    1. xray-t3-front-detail-2011-9-18-2013.jpg
    2. xray-t3-side-view-2011-9-18-2013.jpg
  2. Resource Update - XRay T3 2011 - Tire Change

    I changed the wheels and tires from the black BBS style spoked wheels with hard drift tires to medium soft slick (no tread profile) on-road touring car tires with white dish style wheels.

    These tires are super grippy on asphalt. Testing done at the South Middle school on Harbeck in Grants Pass, Oregon.

    I may want to watch the tread wear on this setup to make sure I do not have too much negative camber set on the front wheels.